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Why It's Ideal to Change Your Air Filter in the Spring

Batteries, oil, engines, and tires are all vital for your vehicle in Pembroke, ON, but you need to pay attention to the equally important air filter. It's critical for peak performance. Spring cleaning is upon us, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to replace your vehicle's air filters. During spring, your air filters work even harder to keep your car running smoothly. If you don't change these air filters, your car's performance may suffer significantly. Why is spring the best time to swap out your car's air filters? Keep reading for the scoop from our experts at Pembroke Nissan.

Air Filters Work Hard in Spring

Spring marks the midpoint between cold days and hot summer months. During this season, many folks schedule road trips. Because of this, your car's air filter will have to work harder throughout the springtime. Upgrading your vehicle's air filters will enhance its efficiency on the road so you can enjoy a smooth ride in absolute comfort.

Your Air Filter Is Crucial for Your Vehicle's Performance

An air filter's primary function is to keep debris out of your car's vital parts, such as the radiator, fuel lines, engine, and any other area where fluid or air is present. Debris and pollutants accumulate in the engine and cause damage, leading to poor performance and possibly a breakdown. When an air filter clogs or accumulates dirt, it becomes less efficient at carrying out its job.

Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Why not try a spring cleanup at Pembroke Nissan? If you want to learn more about spring service maintenance, take your vehicle to our Service Centre in Pembroke, ON.

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