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Parts Centre

At Pembroke Nissan, we sell the latest Nissan models and provide a Parts Centre to support the ownership experience of our customers. We strive to meet our clients' varying automotive needs, which includes selling OEM parts to help them keep their Nissans looking and running like new.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Alternatives

Choosing OEM parts over aftermarket alternatives is the ideal way to ensure a proper fix the first time since OEM parts go through rigorous testing, engineering, and quality control. OEM parts are identical replacements to those on your vehicle from the factory, giving you a predictable lifespan and function. However, aftermarket parts can seem like a good deal due to their lower price point, but they often lack quality standards, affecting fitment, function, and sometimes even safety. You can find OEM parts within our Parts Centre for any repair or maintenance, such as brake pads, suspension components, engine parts, filters, and more.

Benefits Of Using OEM Parts During Service & Maintenance

Sticking to OEM parts will ensure that your vehicle continues to function properly, perform optimally, and operate safely. During service or maintenance, you will want to opt for OEM parts to avoid mishaps with fitment, which can cost you more money and time in the long run. Other notable benefits of choosing OEM parts include complete peace of mind, warranty coverage on some parts, best lifespan, and accessible support.

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Be sure to contact us to speak to the experts from our Parts Centre, who will happily assist you in finding the right parts for your vehicle and application. You can source various types of parts from our dealership, so don't hesitate to visit us to get an idea of what's available for your vehicle.