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Spring Tire Swap

Spring Tire Swap

tiresSpring Tire Swap

Because winter tires are tough enough to handle snow, some drivers assume it's no big deal to continue using them throughout summer. However, there are several reasons why it's essential to swap your tires in spring.


Winter tires are made of a soft rubber compound designed for a firmer grip in cold weather. Once spring comes around and the weather gets warmers, your winter tires will degrade faster and be less effective when the next winter season returns.

Energy Efficiency

If you continue using your winter tires when you no longer need them, you will spend more on fuel. Your car has to work harder in warm weather when the rubber for the tires is too soft. How warm is too warm? It would be best to change your summer tires once the outdoor temperatures steadily remain above 7 degrees Celsius, which is why spring is the perfect season for your tire swap.

Rainy Conditions

Winter tires, while safe in snow and ice, are dangerous in rainy conditions. The temperature isn't cold enough for the tires to maintain good traction. Water on the road makes this slippery situation worse. Summer tires also have different grooves designed to push water out effectively. Winter tires need thicker tracks for snow. These thick grooves aren't as safe for the thinner substance of water. Thus, you could lose control over your vehicle more easily.

Swap Your Tires in Spring

Winter tires provide more traction for your vehicle only in winter conditions. Once the weather warms up, they have the opposite effect. Tire swaps aren't optional because they make a huge difference in safety. Contact Pembroke Nissan to schedule an appointment at our Service Centre.

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