The story of the upcoming 2021 Nissan Ariya began in October of 2019, when the Ariya concept vehicle was unveiled to the public at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show. The all-wheel-drive electric crossover attracted attention, thanks to a distinct design direction and innovative semi-autonomous driving. Nissan board member Yasuhiro Yamauchi expressed that the 2021 Nissan Ariya, “is not a concept car designed from far off ideas, but rather a car that embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility at its core and highlights a promise of an entirely new driving experience on the horizon.” 


The 2021 Nissan Arya is the promise of an entirely new driving experience
Now, thanks to a recently released video highlighting upcoming Nissan vehicles we now know that we’ve reached that horizon sooner rather than later. With the 2021 Nissan Ariya slated to be on roads and driven by consumers soon.


The theme of the 2021 Nissan Ariya’s external aesthetics is centered around a sole horizontal line, going largely against the boxier design that is found in most contemporary SUVs (the Nissan Rogue for example). Thin LED headlights, wider front fenders, and a shield (replacing a grill) give the vehicle a sportier look.
Internally, the Ariya draws from the enduring appeal of Japanese Kumiko. Both sophisticated and subtle, the doortrim and footwells are adorned with traditional woodworking patterns. When juxtaposed with the modernistic copper accents, the 2021 Nissan Ariya will be attractive and easy on the eyes.
Placing technology at the forefront of the SUV experience


Behind the Ariya’s valiant shield is a freshly bold approach to electric driving systems. The 2021 Ariya is high-performance with 100% electric power, which in tandem with its capable all-wheel-drive will deliver performance akin to a sports vehicle. If that much power sounds intimidating, the ProPILOT 2.0 software (which won the RJC technology of the year award) will allow drivers to enable hands-off driving.
Enabling this feature will help drivers have more assertion on highways while keeping them safe. When the 2021 Nissan Ariya reaches a divide in the road or when a slower vehicle can be passed, the ProPILOT 2.0 will both process information and calculate proper timing with 360-degree sensors. Committing the vehicle to an action is as simple as a visual or audio cue delivered from the driver, with both hands placed on the steering wheel as a safety requirement.


Currently, the disclosed price range for the 2021 Nissan Ariya will be an estimated $40,000. While we have yet to have a specific release date, consider liking our Facebook page since we’ll share it as soon as the information gets released.
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